My Travel Wish List For 2013 Part 1

Of all the types of trip blogs in existence, the most popular type of blog will be the one that serves as a travel journal. As long as the blog seems to be written competently and with a sense of humor, internet users are going to flock to the site to read all about the adventures. You’ll find that travelers who post to these trip blogs will usually provide very detailed accounts of the kinds of things they do. Whenever a person heads off on a new adventure, you are likely going to find them posting about it the next day on the blog. People will usually end up posting many photos and videos of their travels, as well.

After two glorious days filled with game drives, hearty meals, and cool website ideas conversations with our fellow group members and staff, we headed to the Ngorongoro Farm House. This exclusive lodge faces the Oldeani Volcano and is only a short distance from the Ngorongoro Crater. This was our stopover for the night before heading to the Crater the next morning, after which, we would begin our drive to the world-famous Serengeti. The time we spent at the Farm House was great! We were able to take long walks in the gardens, check our emails from back home, and take real showers, without a voice outside telling us when to pull the chord! It was a beautiful place to regroup and relax before our drive to the Ngorongoro Crater the next morning.

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travel blog tips in the temple area are based on a south north south axis going up Linying Hill and are laid out around a large court yard. To the south of the court yard is the Hall of the Heavenly Kings which is the formal temple entrance. To the west is the Hall of 500 Arhats. To the north is the Mahavira Palace.

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Gordion – located close to Ankara. Gordios, King of ancient Phyria, is buried here. However the list of popular blogs is often mistakenly thought of as the burial tomb of King Midas.

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